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New Research Shows Australian Inbound Marketing Revolution

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Jay Dillon

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Jay is a digital marketer and producer whose creative and technical skills have developed digital brand strategies and sales campaigns using a range of complex internet applications from stand-alone websites through to Facebook API integrations.
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If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you’re probably one of the enlightened ones who realises that the mainstream shift to inbound marketing is well under way.

More and more, companies are becoming savvy to the importance of blogging, social media, and effective web design.

New research by the U.K. staffing conglomerate Hays confirms what we’ve suspected for a while now: the gap between the supply and demand of Australian professionals with digital marketing skills is already a large one, and is only going to get larger in the coming months.

Hays Australian Job Market Report: Breaking Down the Data

Released by Hays in early July, the report shows a high level of overall vacancies in the private sector. However, the report indicates that both the public and private sectors should continue to seek out candidates that have digital marketing skills.

There are two specific skills within digital marketing that are in high demand: CRM and data analysis. Finding team members with CRM skills is of particular importance for B2B companies, but all types of organisations are looking for candidates with skills in big data and customer insight analytics.

In fact, Hays reports that even though businesses would usually prefer to find data analyst candidates with a specific industry background, hiring managers are broadening their search to include any candidate with analysis experience. Companies and public bodies are also looking for digital marketing managers who can oversee a team of marketers and implement digital initiatives across an entire organisation or department.

What Does this Mean for Australian Marketers?

This information is all well and good on its own, but what it tells us about the future of digital marketing in Australia is even more important.

We believe there are three key takeaways from this study:

  • The mainstream is starting to pay more attention to inbound. Two of the skills that the public and private sector are looking for the most, data analytics and marketing management, both fall solidly under the inbound umbrella. There’s still plenty of progress to be made, but supporters of inbound should be happy to see that the inbound methodology is moving closer and closer to becoming the norm in Australia.
  • The market is ripe for both freelancers and agencies. It’s true that the Hays report focuses on companies looking for permanent team members with marketing skills. But it doesn’t mean that these organisations aren’t open to sourcing these needs externally. If the right marketing provider comes along and is able to appeal to the organisation’s needs effectively, there’s no reason that some of this demand cannot be handled by a digital agency. This is especially true when you consider that an agency can often handle the same tasks for a fraction of the cost of hiring a new full-time marketing employee.
  • The big data arms race is underway. For many years, industry experts have speculated that the companies who can collect the most data in the most efficient ways will have an advantage over their competitors. American retailer Target famously used big data to predict that a teenage girl was pregnant before her father knew about it. The demand for data analysis skills among new hires in the public and private sectors shows that organisations are paying attention to this trend and are already trying to get an edge over their competitors when it comes to big data

It’s always nice to use hard data and research to back up predictions about the industry as a whole. Only time will tell whether or not Australia’s workforce will be able to satisfy employers’ hunger for digital marketing talent in the coming months and years.

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