Is your business email killing your internal communications?

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Jay Dillon

Director of Strategy and Creative at Inbound Experts
Jay is a digital marketer and producer whose creative and technical skills have developed digital brand strategies and sales campaigns using a range of complex internet applications from stand-alone websites through to Facebook API integrations.
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“The average business person sends or receives 108 emails a day, according to research from the Radicati Group”

Financial Times story by Rhymer Rigby –  ‘How to cope with email overload

It may be a going joke that you receive emails from a person three cubicles from where you sit but the culture of business email overload within the workplace is a real issue.  Consider this:

If you’re looking to create solid and workable communication in your team you need to show your staff how to use a range of communication options other than just the one where you push ‘send’.

But email is a big part of our working lives so how can we use it to ensure it remains effective? When you look the success of email marketing, there is a strange paradigm; why is it so successful when selling something but often so hopeless in a workplace? How can you work to make your business email missives more effective using some handy tips using in email marketing?

Make your email subject relevant to what you are talking about

This is rule number one with email marketing and usually what gets people to open the mail and click any links. It helps people to filter what they deem important or just plain old junk.

Use bit-sized text to communicate the key points

Think about how people read websites in this day and age.  They skim, they look for ordered points and want to know quickly what they have to do with the information

Only email when you actually have something to say

You don’t like your time wasted unnecessarily so don’t do it to others.  Try and figure it out yourself before you need to ask others. Or go and ask your question directly if it means you can get an answer and continue the flow of your work.

Send information to those who want it

Good email marketing works because of the opt-in culture surrounding its implementation.  It means people have agreed to receive your information.  In the workplace, think before you CC in every Tom, Kim and Hilary.

Don’t be a Spammer

Even in a workplace, those who overuse email soon get a reputation and annoyed recipients will respond by ignoring email, answering in their own time (sometimes with long delays) or refusing to deal with you.

Achieve the goal of a business email

Email marketing success is measured, in real terms, when a sale is achieved or an exchange of some value is made.  This is also the case when your communicating in a business email at the office.  The point of that email is to achieve an outcome. If the communication doesn’t deliver what it set out to do, you may want to look at what you’re doing, how you’re communicating and work to improve it.



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