Content Marketing in Australia: 2016: What you need to know

Content Marketing in Australia 2016 Report: What you need to know

It’s that time of year when many marketing groups release predictions for 2016 and wrap up 2015. There’s one piece of research that we look forward to getting stuck into each year, the Annual Content Marketing Survey of Australian marketers from the Content Marketing Institute and ADMA.

So what did we learn this year?

Better strategy, less effective

This years survey raises questions about effectiveness.

28% say their organisation is effective at Content Marketing (1% down from last year)

55% say they know what an effective or successful Content Marketing program looks like

46% say they have a documented Content Marketing Strategy (up by 10% from last year).

So Marketers say they’re slightly less effective this year, than last, but more have a documented strategy this year and fully understand what they should be aiming for. So why are only 28% producing effective Content Marketing?

Building an audience, with no hard sell

If your organisation has just started with Content Marketing, you may have shared some blog posts, maybe some videos, had a few clicks, but not had a spectacular response. Don’t be deterred. Content Marketing takes time, and you must firstly build an audience before selling to that audience. Positioning your organisation as an expert in your field doesn’t happen overnight. Founder of the Content Marketing Institute Joe Pulizzi suggests it takes 15 – 17 months of consistent content creation and distribution to get consistent results.

Producing the right content for your audience

46% of Marketers have a documented Content Marketing strategy, but staggeringly 40% have one, but it’s not documented. So where is the plan? How do you know from week to week what you’ll be producing for your audience. How do you know what your audience pains are in your industry, for you to help alleviate them? Do you even know your audience? Content Marketing must be planned, making sure you fully understand your audience, their needs, buying preferences and goals. Unless you fully get your audience you’ll never deliver content that addresses their needs. Creating buyer personas will help you talk specifically to your desired audience.

You need to ensure you get organisational buy in for your documented strategy. There is a reason why 64% of Marketers say team meetings about Content Marketing are valuable, within your organisation there is a raft of expertise in your field to tap into. 69% of Marketers are challenged with producing engaging content, maybe getting into the mindset of thinking like a publishing company is one of the best ways to build audience engagement, whilst tapping into those channels where your audience are likely to be.

Distributing your Content

87% of Marketers say they will produce more content next year. Is your organisation effective at distributing content and then measuring it’s success? It’s key in Content Marketing to have a documented strategy for distribution, there is no point in putting your efforts into writing blog posts for your website and then not sharing them to communities where your targeted audience are likely to be. Make sure you measure the performance of each piece of content, it will help you make decisions of what works, or doesn’t, so you can tweak your plan to suit your audience.

No one said it would be easy

And it isn’t. But with the right planning, a documented strategy and a distribution plan in place there is no reason why your business can’t get more effective with Content Marketing. With 32% surveyed stating that their organisation’s Content Marketing is still in the adolescent stage there is still a whole lot of opportunity for businesses and industries to tap into the lead generation opportunity that is Content Marketing.

Check out the full research presentation from here and use the learnings to make your businesses Content Marketing more effective.

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