Social Media Press Releases

Creating Social Media Press Releases That Fit With Your SEO Strategy

The line between public relations and social media exposure can sometimes become blurred in today’s inbound marketing world.

Since the Panda and Penguin updates of 2011 and 2012 respectively, Google has sought to provide better quality content and web connections, placing preference on sites affiliated with reputable names or quality publications.

Press releases provided the perfect opportunity to profit from that. Since then, press releases have evolved and nowadays don’t really carry the authority or reliability they used to, mainly due to so many businesses using them solely for self-promotion and backlinks. This has made it much harder to get relevant news/announcements approved and published on major news outlets. Press release syndication platforms such as PRWeb are also costly and don’t work for restricted budgets. Continue Reading

How to Get Organisational Buy-In for Your Content Marketing Strategy

One of the things we love about content marketing is how diverse it can be.

Many people have the misconception that content marketing is a tactic reserved for startups and small companies without the budget for more advanced techniques.

While there will never be a one-size-fits-all content marketing campaign that every company can use, any business can find success with content marketing if they apply it the right way. Just look at some of the huge companies who have been successful with content marketing in recent years, such as IBM, Commonwealth Bank, and Coca-Cola.

These aren’t small upstarts: they’re household names, with billions in revenue. If these huge companies with offices all over the world and complex departmental budgets can be successful with content, so can your business.

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3 Tips for Turbo-charging your Content Marketing Using Infographics

Even though it’s traditionally been compared to royalty, we think that content is more like a mythological god than a king.

Now, don’t go accusing me of blasphemy just yet…

Content, like many of the traditional gods in civilisations like ancient Egypt and India, is everywhere. And like all those gods, they appeared in different forms. The sun god Ra, for example, has been depicted as a ram and a scarab beetle in ancient texts.

What’s all this got to do with content? It reminds us of the importance of all of our different content formats. And, according to recent statistics, there’s one in particular that is still tremendously popular: infographics.

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Why You Must Build an Audience Before Selling

Some old school business gurus will recoil in horror upon reading the title of this post…

“Marketing before sales?” they might ask. “You’re living in a crazy world!”

Indeed we are – and that crazy world is called inbound marketing.

But luckily for you, this is a world that everyone should be living in if they want to maximise their web presence and reach the largest number of people.

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4 Weird But Effective Tactics for Promoting Your Content

You’ve spent hours poring over buyer persona research, examining the trends in your industry, and carefully optimising your content around the right search keywords.

With a feeling of triumph, you click the “post” button, lean back in your chair and wait for the views and shares to roll in. But hours, days, even weeks later, engagement with your content is underwhelming…

Does this situation sound familiar?

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3 Ways to Use Storytelling in Your Marketing

Everyone is instinctively familiar with stories.

From the fairy tales we learned as children to the stories that we exchange with our friends and family every day, storytelling is an inherent part of the human condition.

So why are Australian marketers having so much trouble with it?

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The Success of Canva and How It Lets You Create Quality Images For Blogs & Social Media

As inbound marketers we need to be able to create great visual content on the fly.

You’re likely to come across situations in which you wish you could design professional quality graphics yourself.

If you’ve always seen yourself as a “non designer” then there’s finally an alternative that is worthy of its tagline: “Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software.”

It’s called Canva, and it’s taking the inbound marketing world by storm.

This article will cover a bit of history (how Canva took off) as well as how the platform works and looks today.

*Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post for Canva.

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Why Every Business Now Needs to be a Media Brand

What does your brand have in common with The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian?

If you’re doing inbound marketing the right way, quite a lot.

“But wait,” you object, “I don’t publish the news! I sell widgets/services/[fill-in-the-blank]! That’s totally different!”

What’s becoming apparent to many though is that in today’s world of marketing, every company should be a media company.

To understand why, let’s take a look at the current situation in the media industry and how it differs from years past.

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5 Tips for Content Marketing Post Mobilegeddon

How will Google’s recent mobile update affect content creation?

We know that webmasters need to have their sites mobile compatible by now, but an SEO marketer can’t help but wonder about possible effects on content.

This article will look at how to adapt your content to mobile for successful inbound marketing.

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Improving landing page conversions by adjusting length

If you practice Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) then you’re aware of the debate over small versus long landing pages and how it misses the point. At the end of the day, different products need different landing pages. A beautiful picture with a short description might work for a wristwatch but not so much for a $2,000 software product. Long and short landing pages both have their time and place, but what if it came down to more than the product? What if it also came down to the actual person looking at the page?

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