Are You Making These 6 Mistakes When Writing Online?

Are You Making These 6 Mistakes When Writing Online?

Are you somebody who just loves to write? It feels like you were born to write and words course through your veins.

You’re well-read and have a lavish leather bound library of the classics. You own some of the finest business pieces ever written, from to Blanchard to Branson.

You run a tight content marketing ship and you know how to achieve results using inbound techniques.

If this is you, carry on! But if not, read on to discover some vital (but common) mistakes you may be making when writing for the web. These are the things that are holding you and your writing back – and once you stop breaking these rules, you’ll be writing effective online content with the best of them.

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4 Tips for Writing Web Copy that Converts

There is one tool for successful inbound marketing that every marketer has access to.

It doesn’t require a monthly subscription or a deep understanding of analytics. It’s a tool that most people receive during their earliest years of school.

What is this tool? The ability to write web copy that converts.

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5 tools to help you write copy

One of the things you can’t escape from when creating content is the writing.  A lot of us have trouble with this at the best of times but here are some tools to help you write copy and support you through the process.

 iA writer

The beauty of this is that it works to keep you on the task of writing.  This popular app strips back the interface just to feature the writing, even fading back the words you’ve already gotten down. Say goodbye to procrastination and distraction.

ia writer

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3 Tricks to Writing Great Copy

great copywriting

What is it that makes content compelling? Is there even anything new to say anymore online? Hasn’t it all been written about in 10 different ways already? And why is so much of it badly written, boring and a waste of my time reading?

Well, you’ve just about answered the first question, because you are still reading this article. Something compelled you to read on after digesting the headline. And then propelled you to read the next three sentences. Was it because they were all questions? Answer: undoubtedly. A question draws the reader in, involves them, gets them thinking.

So let’s start back at the very beginning…

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