5 Tips To Revamp Your E-mail Marketing in 2015

5 Tips To Revamp Your E-mail Marketing in 2015

Despite being the “grandfather” of online marketing strategies, e-mail marketing is still a very effective tool for both gaining and retaining customer loyalty.

It’s true, some have speculated its marketing death, kind of like that boomerang statement, “SEO is dead.” But remember, there is such a thing as a marketing misdiagnosis, and the constant revival of SEO is proof that some marketing strategies never die, they just evolve. Here, I’ll show you how to revamp your e-mail marketing in 2015 with 5 great tips and tricks.  Continue Reading

Customer Match Boost Targeted Marketing

How Google’s New “Customer Match” Can Boost Your Targeted Marketing

In late September during New York’s 12th annual Ad Week, Google announced the launch of a new targeting tool named Customer Match – most likely in response to Facebook Custom Audiences.

So what is it, how does it work and what does it mean for digital marketers and their future targeted marketing strategies?

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3 Tips for Writing Great Lead Nurturing Emails

You’ve taken your time creating valuable content for a specific customer persona, promoting your brand, and connecting with prospects on social networks. It’s a familiar scenario for many marketers…

As a result of these efforts, you’ve built up a decent-sized list of people who subscribe to your blog or email newsletter.

This is undoubtedly a great achievement, but your job is far from done. You now have to create email campaigns that engage the people on your list and gets them to continue to interact with you.

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Is Email Marketing the Missing Ingredient in Your Inbound Marketing Strategy?

Email tactics continue to dominate the digital marketing landscape.

According to statistics released recently by the Melbourne arm of the major global information services company Experian, both the volume and open rates of email marketing during the 2014 holiday season went up substantially compared to last year.

In Q4 of 2014, business products and services marketers sent over 20% more emails to potential customers. Perhaps even more importantly, email opens and revenues were both up during the 2014 holidays: the average email open rate went up 4.5% across all industries, and overall email revenue was up 7.4% over revenue in 2013.

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The latest (and greatest) Link Building strategy: The Skyscraper Technique

The harsh truth about link building is that there are way too many people in the internet marketing industry that think great content is enough. You can publish great stuff (and you should) but that doesn’t mean people will naturally link to you. Generating high quality links means being very systematic with how you create and promote content. The technique presented in this article is definitely one to give a try; it’s called skyscraper because it shares the same logic, people always prefer the best of the best (highest of the high). For those of you who are looking for a solid strategy that will increase search traffic and get your content out there, I highly suggest you keep reading.

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Creating and E-mailing Google Analytics Custom Reports

Any business engaged in Inbound Marketing knows how important analysing the results is. Truth is, we are drowned in too much data and it becomes so overwhelming sometimes that we start to ignore analytics. Google Analytics is truly a great tool, however the in-house boffins love to keep adding more and more options when sometimes you just want a simple report that you can send periodically via e-mail to co-workers and other stakeholders.

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Why I Gave Up Using E-mail and Started Using Help Scout for Online Business

Help Scout for Online Business

Providing the best customer service possible is a key factor for the success of any online business. This means having the right tools to manage the flow of information online (e-mails) in an efficient timely manner. So for all you project managers out there, if you haven’t already tried Help Scout, my advice for this week is to get on it (you can thank me later). Here’s why:

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Is your business email killing your internal communications?


“The average business person sends or receives 108 emails a day, according to research from the Radicati Group”

Financial Times story by Rhymer Rigby –  ‘How to cope with email overload

It may be a going joke that you receive emails from a person three cubicles from where you sit but the culture of business email overload within the workplace is a real issue.  Consider this:

Sorry seems to be the hardest word – What other brands can learn from iiNet’s major outage


Illustration from the painting “Sinking Ship” by Bill Frederick

We all know it – the world literally stops when you have no broadband/wifi/internet access.  For many people and businesses across Victoria, Australia, in particular, their world stopped around 5pm yesterday and still remains on hold. I am one of these people.  I’m writing, researching and posting this article using tethering to my phone. What a palava.

iiNet is ‘Australia’s second largest ADSL providers’ thanks to a series of buy outs of smaller providers over the past years.  What is the relevance of that besides the shuddering thought of such a monopoly?

Being large means that when something goes up the wazoo it translates into lots of people being affected – and usually highly pissed off.  iiNet have been dealing with this crisis since yesterday so how are they doing with their communications and what can other brands learn from this approach. Continue Reading

How to map a digital marketing campaign


Thinking of taking a new campaign into the bright world of digital?  Well things have changed since the good old days. Here are some things you’ll need to consider before, during and after you take the plunge into the brave new world.

Start with a strategy

Start at the very beginning; know what you’re setting out to achieve and how you’re going to achieve it. Outline what your aim is and the objectives of how you will achieve this aim.  Include your three or four key messages, your audience segments and tools you will use to deliver the digital marketing campaign into the marketplace.

State what your desired outcomes will be and how you evaluate the success of your campaign.  With every campaign there will be learnings from what has worked and what could have been improved.  These are particularly important when you are dealing within a new space; either digital on the whole, or a new social platform, positioning approach or product.

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