3 Tricks to Writing Great Copy

great copywriting

What is it that makes content compelling? Is there even anything new to say anymore online? Hasn’t it all been written about in 10 different ways already? And why is so much of it badly written, boring and a waste of my time reading?

Well, you’ve just about answered the first question, because you are still reading this article. Something compelled you to read on after digesting the headline. And then propelled you to read the next three sentences. Was it because they were all questions? Answer: undoubtedly. A question draws the reader in, involves them, gets them thinking.

So let’s start back at the very beginning…

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Email Marketing Tips: Why Short is Sweet

Recently someone share with me this very interesting graph from marketingcharts.com. Which basically demonstrates that when it comes to email subject lines, less is more. In my experience this theory should be applied to your entire email newsletter.

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