HTML 5 Cometh

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Jay Dillon

Director of Strategy and Creative at Inbound Experts
Jay is a digital marketer and producer whose creative and technical skills have developed digital brand strategies and sales campaigns using a range of complex internet applications from stand-alone websites through to Facebook API integrations.
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For quite sometime now I have been closely following the development of HTML5.

HTML5 know how

I don’t think many realise the ramifications that HTML5 is going to have on how us developers build websites nor how everyone else will use the internet.

For me HTML5 represents a new age dawning. It will enable us to develop all the amazing features that are currently being used in Apples closed `Apps’ environment but place it on the web for use by everyone regardless of what device they are using.

We are talking motion graphics, geolocation, drag and drop interfaces, native video. It’s everything that Flash promised without the downsides.

Our developers are particularly excited that HTML5 has the potential to offer a `write once run everywhere’ solution to app development. This will mean that instead of downloading an app from a store, you simply visit a website address and the site actually IS the app.

Officially HTML5 isn’t due until 2014, but with Google, Facebook, Apple and yes, even Microsoft all planning to integrate HTML5 into their products I think we can expect to be using it a lot sooner.

To summarise, I don’t know who this nuttier is, but he does a good job at demonstrating the potential seismic sift that some suspect HTML5 will bring.

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