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5 Ways to Generate Ideas for Your Inbound Marketing

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Jay Dillon

Director of Strategy and Creative at Inbound Experts
Jay is a digital marketer and producer whose creative and technical skills have developed digital brand strategies and sales campaigns using a range of complex internet applications from stand-alone websites through to Facebook API integrations.
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Once you’ve found your niche in inbound marketing, the next step in surviving the jungle is to produce original content on a regular basis.

But sometimes the ability to produce content is hindered by the simplest of problems – not knowing what to write about.

This is a pain point for many content marketers.

When you can generate ideas fast it takes a lot of the hassle and headaches out of the task of producing for your inbound marketing campaigns.

Here are five idea generating machines that you can use to improve your game.

Google Alerts

A tactic for keeping up with trends and generating timely content around them is Google Alerts. Enter keywords that relate to your industry and Google will alert you when they are mentioned online.

If you’re a design agency you could use terms like: “commercial branding”, “award winning design” or even specific keywords like “Photoshop” or “Adobe Illustrator”.

Target words that are close to your niche. Then, when articles appear featuring these keywords, you’ll get a notification.

Something new happening with Photoshop or Illustrator? Could it be the topic of your next blog post? Are events occurring in the design arena? Could you cover it with a report or podcast?


Quora can be a handy place to gather content creation ideas. On Quora, people expressly outline their pain points and others respond with their opinions. It’s a platform full of people looking for help and guidance.

Searching for a term in your industry renders a fair amount of results. A quick jump onto Quora displayed things like:

“Why are front end developers in such high demand at startups?” and “What are some good ways to become a better content marketer?”

These almost sound like headlines. And you have proof they are causing headaches for people. Answering these questions adds a lot of relevancy to your inbound marketing strategy while genuinely helping people.

If you produce content that answers these pain points, respond on Quora and link back to your piece (if it’s helpful).

Twitter Hashtags

Not a new way to find ideas for your next blog post but a reliable one. Staying afloat with trending topics or just searching for your topic via a hashtag can uncover a gold mine of inbound marketing ideas.

Searching #parentingtips displayed results ranging from products and current news through to articles on “simplifying your mornings” and “10 tips on how not to be a bad parent”.

Following these hashtags also puts you in touch with the influencers in your niche. Learn from the people tweeting, then write your own content and use the hashtags.

Try and contribute to the conversation – attempt to engage and take part whenever they share things relevant to you. And remember a retweet can go a long way.


Inbound marketers everywhere can benefit from a site like Statista. As the name suggests Statista is a statistics portal. They create visually pleasing graphs on everything from air quality in Mumbai to the growth of Netflix subscribers.

It’s also an excellent source of information if you want to create infographics or data sets of your own. Along with being reliable, the topics are fascinating. They have data on e-commerce, fast food, cosmetics, and Apple revenue for you to use.

Statista allows you to embed their charts and graphs into your posts which backs up the points you’re conveying. This adds credibility to an inbound marketing piece and shows you’ve done your research on the topic.

Because who doesn’t want the facts?


Soovle is an odd service to include, but it’s the simplest of the bunch. You know when you type a search query in Google and it tries to complete what you’re typing by auto-suggesting?

Well, Soovle does a similar thing, except it auto-suggests from a few major sources in one place. Wikipedia, Youtube,, Amazon, Yahoo, Ebay, Netflix and of course Google.

When you begin to type your search query, it populates all the services’ responses.

Entering the term, “Freelance Writing” returns suggestions like: “Freelance writing for beginners” on Youtube, “Freelance writing – Free E-books” on Amazon or “Tips on Freelance Writing from Home” on Yahoo.

Soovle provides shoulder topics for you to write about. These shoulder topics work well if you’re writing content for an industry that isn’t the most exciting.

Remember: be fast, consistent and relevant

Inbound marketing is here to stay. The quicker you can come up with ideas for your next blog post, podcast, infographic or guest post, the more efficient you become at it.

The aim of the game is to be consistent and relevant. Mine several ideas from the sources above and keep a list. Make it less “What am I going to write about today?” and more “What’s next on the idea list?”

Eliminating such a simple problem from your inbound marketing strategy is a game changer. Not only will it render positive results, it will also save you a huge amount of time in the process.

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