inbound_marketingOur unique Inbound Partner Program will help your brand leave behind ineffective ‘interruption’ marketing methods and instead implement an inbound marketing strategy to build long-lasting, value-based relationships with your target audience.

We do this by forming a partnership with your internal marketing team to develop a regular schedule of creative content that connects the values of the brand with the interests and passions of prospective customers.

We utilise current technologies, data modelling and online networks to optimise and amplify this content to ensure it is exponentially shared and experienced by others.

Each month we analyse the data from our activities to give you an unprecedented level of transparency into what is working and what is not. From here we can confidently develop a strategy for the next month.

The program is a true partnership between your internal marketing team and our small team of highly-skilled digital creatives and technologists.

Becoming an Inbound Partner will:

  • Greatly increase brand awareness across digital networks
  • Increase customer acquisition (at a reduced costs)
  • Increase per customer revenue
  • Improved customer retention
  • Greater returns on advertising spend (reduced wastage)
  • Encourage referrals from current customers
  • Turn your company from being product-centric to customer-centric
  • Position your company as a leader in the industry
  • Create new horizontal/vertical partnerships
  • Install a data-driven product development process
  • Open the opportunity to enter new markets
  • Create a more effective internal marketing team

What can you expect:

What you can expect is to have a small team of senior digital marketing experts working on your business everyday of the week. Although there is a initial strategy and set-up phase, we are very hands on and will be actively ‘on-the-tools’ building a community and promotion your brand each and every day.

Each client is a little different with slightly different needs, but a typical weekly list of activities might include:

  • Set-up and optimise a new landing page for a promotion
  • Running keyword research on a new marketing segment that we agreed to explore
  • Seeking out and engaging with ‘Influencers’ with the same marketing segment
  • Segmenting the email database and implementing automated ‘triggers’ based on users interests
  • Adding tracking to the video series we produced to ensure we can measure engagement and conversion
  • Set-up pre-roll Youtube pay-per-click campaign, targeting users with shared interests to the brand.

Best of all (and what we are most proud of) is the monthly meeting that we have with your team. This is where we bring along a two page summary of all the activities we engaged with and the related data that shows how successful (or otherwise) these campaigns were.

This meeting is a ‘warts and all’ session, where everything is laid on the table so that as a team we can know exactly what is working (so we can do more of it) and what isn’t (so we can fix it).

For many of the marketing teams we work with, this transparency is something they have never had before and is the true driver for success.

Who is it for:

Our partner program is best suited to companies that are ready to take their digital marketing activities to the next level, but do not have the resources to install a 4 or 5 person digital team.

The efficiencies we have achieved through the development of proprietary systems and processes, allow us to achieve big results for a small client list.

Want to learn more?

Use the form below to download our Inbound Partner Program ‘prospectus’. In here you will find more information about what the program involves and an indication of pricing.

We will be in touch to learn more about your business and how we can help.

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