How 5G Will Change Online Marketing As We Know It

How 5G Will Change Online Marketing As We Know It

The next generation of wireless is expected to take a huge leap by 2020. Despite it being only one generation higher than 4G, 5G networks are expected to be 66 times faster than 4G. Imagine being able to download a movie in 3 seconds rather than 6 minutes. 5G will do that – and much, much more.

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7 Ways to Increase Sign-ups on Your Landing Pages

7 Ways to Increase Sign-ups on Your Landing Pages

Landing pages are a crucial part of the modern marketer’s battle plan.

With numerous tools now available to attract customers, you need somewhere to direct them that encourages conversions – without it, the tools will inevitably fail.

Enter landing pages.

Today, they’re easier to make than ever. Providers like Unbounce, LeadPages, and Instapage, let users create almost unlimited pages for a monthly fee.

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5 resources to make you an Inbound Marketing Maverick

Five Resources to Make You an Inbound Marketing Maverick

I consider inbound marketing to be the true champion of digital marketing. But for many businesses it can be plain overwhelming.

If you are new to inbound marketing, here are a few high-level resources that will quickly bring you up to speed.

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Inbound Marketing Ideas

5 Ways to Generate Ideas for Your Inbound Marketing

Once you’ve found your niche in inbound marketing, the next step in surviving the jungle is to produce original content on a regular basis.

But sometimes the ability to produce content is hindered by the simplest of problems – not knowing what to write about.

This is a pain point for many content marketers.

When you can generate ideas fast it takes a lot of the hassle and headaches out of the task of producing for your inbound marketing campaigns.

Here are five idea generating machines that you can use to improve your game.

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Digital Marketing Data for Business

How You Can Make Digital Marketing Data Work For Your Business

When it comes to digital marketing, data has become the go-to source for decision-making – but is this an effective strategy?

Customer data can be the key to figuring out how to best reach potential buyers. It’s safe to say that data acquisition and analytics are now an important part of the marketing strategy for any business. Knowing how to best evaluate, assess and implement such data acquisition and analytics has never been as critical as it is now.
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Apple Patent Digital Marketing

How Apple’s New Patent Could Improve Your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an essential part of business – and we should always be looking for ways to improve our strategies. The competition in the digital world to uncover the next great thing is hotting up – and Apple has made a bold statement with their latest targeted advertising patent.

We’ve all had that creepy moment online – when an ad pops up and you realise that you’re the target, based on your searches or clicks. When consumers access information online, brands refine their offers and marketing strategies, and target them to prospective customers. Apple’s new patent takes this a step further. Continue Reading

Customer Centric

Why Putting the Customer First Should be Top Priority in Your Inbound Marketing

Sure, you might have a fascinating product or a great new service that you just know will be the new disruption in your industry.

That’s all well and good, but if you haven’t spent a significant chunk of time considering one specific part of your business model, the latest research shows you’re missing the boat.

We’re talking about the customer.

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Should YouTube be Part of Your Inbound Marketing Plan [New Research]

Video advertising is the latest marketing battleground on the internet.

Brands are showing a strong interest in using videos as an access channel for consumers. For inbound marketers it’s obvious that the big names on the web are battling to take or maintain the lead in video viewing.

As interest for video content increases at a tremendous scale, it’s important to keep in mind that “online” no longer just means “on a computer”. It can now mean on a smartphone, a tablet, or other connected device.

This article will talk about YouTube’s recent success stats divulged by Google and some information on the expenses of video content marketing to help you get on that video content bandwagon well informed.

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Google+ Community Pages

Using Google+ Communities to Promote Your Content

Google+ business pages help make your site more SEO friendly in the eyes of Google. But taking it a step further and creating a Google+ community page (or pages) will also help you promote your content and become the authority in your niche.

Google+ still feels like relatively new marketing terrain, so it’s a good time to get ahead of the game, establish a strong foothold and boost your business with Google+ communities.

This article will explain why Google+ communities are so convenient for SEO in 2015 and how to get started with your own community page.

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Australian Inbound Marketing Revolution

New Research Shows Australian Inbound Marketing Revolution

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you’re probably one of the enlightened ones who realises that the mainstream shift to inbound marketing is well under way.

More and more, companies are becoming savvy to the importance of blogging, social media, and effective web design.

New research by the U.K. staffing conglomerate Hays confirms what we’ve suspected for a while now: the gap between the supply and demand of Australian professionals with digital marketing skills is already a large one, and is only going to get larger in the coming months.

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