How To Use Instagram for Business (via Your Facebook Page)

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Jay Dillon

Director of Strategy and Creative at Inbound Experts
Jay is a digital marketer and producer whose creative and technical skills have developed digital brand strategies and sales campaigns using a range of complex internet applications from stand-alone websites through to Facebook API integrations.
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As the popularity of photo sharing apps continues to rise, it’s becoming clear that Instagram can also be a winning marketing tool for small businesses.

Remember when Facebook bought Instagram (IG) back in 2012? Well, the integration features and notifications are a plus when it comes to launching a new Instagram account for branding your business and services. As soon as you create a new account and link that to your Facebook, everyone on your Facebook list is notified of this creation and will, if interested, follow you on Instagram too.

It’s a notification boost to gain followers from the start. So knowing how to link from Instagram and change between pages you administer in Facebook is important for any social media marketing strategy. Keep in mind that there are over 150 million users on Instagram and 90% of them are under the age of 35, making Instagram ads a rising trend. Also, more and more businesses and marketers are using Instagram, which now has more users than Twitter.

This article will explain how to best manage and link an Instagram account created for your business to one of the top social media outlets out there – Facebook.

You might have a personal Instagram account, but if you’ll be using it for business then it’s best to create a separate account.  This enables you to share the username and password with others on your team:


Once you’ve  branded your page by choosing the username consistent with your other accounts and added your profile photo/logo, bio and website URL, Instagram automatically links to whatever Facebook account your device is logged into. So if you want to access business pages that you manage on Facebook, make sure to be logged into your personal Facebook account on the device you use.

How to link to, access, and publish from Instagram to Facebook pages you manage

First go to Options and scroll down under Settings to Linked Accounts >


That takes you to SHARE SETTINGS, where you will see the top social media outlets that Instagram links to. Remember: When you integrate Instagram with your other social media channels, you’ll easily be able to share content simultaneously on multiple social networks. Also, your followers on Facebook, Twitter, etc., will see that you are on Instagram and are more likely to follow you there too.

For this article we’re just focusing on Facebook so you would click on Facebook in the list of share settings:


Once you go into FACEBOOK, below is the option to unlink. Go to the option Share to>


This is where you get to choose which Facebook page Instagram will directly post to when you share content. The first is Timeline (your personal Facebook profile) and under CHOOSE A PAGE are all the pages of which you’re an administrator.


It’s that simple.

Why use Instagram for business?

Visual content gets an excellent response on social media. If you really want to make a mark on Instagram, choose a diverse mix of content that combines different elements of your business. Or an overall style for your branding. Just take a look at how marvelously well Nike does it.

Obviously you don’t have to be an expert or big company to get started with Instagram. My advice is that it’s important to start and search for other Instagram users in your industry to get inspired. And never forget the importance of the hashtag.

So if you’re having doubts about Instagram remember that your business is not just about a product or a service, it’s about the people, location and industry. Make a list of the multitude of aspects that make up your brand so you have an initial plan for the types of images you can post. Remember – you can also post up to 15 seconds of video on Instagram.

Some ideas for content to post to Instagram:

  • Products you’ve released
  • Teases (sneak peeks) of new products and services
  • Office location or tour
  • Employees and fans
  • Clients in a causal setting
  • Events you’ve hosted or attended
  • Articles/blog posts

3 Instagram accounts to get you inspired

  • Canva already has over 2 million users and is paving the way with a great account.
  • Made With Code is an Instagram account made to inspire young girls to start coding
  • Nike uses Instagram very effectively
  • Lauren Bath, Australia’s first professional Instagrammer


It’s clear to see that there are multiple benefits to be had from using Instagram for business. Linking your Facebook and Instagram accounts makes this process even easier. So don’t get left behind while your competitors figure out Instagram marketing before you do. Get in and get started!

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