Twitter Cards are Essential to E-commerce

Twitter cards

Twitter is just getting smarter and smarter when it comes to ecommerce brands. Although the below is not yet available in Australia, some companies are already utilising it with US based accounts. Ever since Twitter announced analytics for Twitter Cards earlier this year, which allows users to add images, videos and product descriptions to their tweets, it has significantly incremented the amount of users who re-tweet this content and click on these links to check out products (yes, thanks to that great visual). So it’s safe to say that the emergence of Twitter Cards for Ecommerce websites has resulted in smart selling for online business. In fact, HubSpot A/B testing found that tweets with images actually received a 36% increase in clicks, a 41% increase in re-tweets and a 55% increase in leads.

What exactly are twitter cards? you’ve probably already come across them. They allow you to add rich visual media to your tweets, thus making them much more appealing to the eye.

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Twitter goes all Facebook? Our review of the new Twitter profile features.

After a few weeks of testing, Twitter officially rolled out its new twitter profile pages to the masses on April 22. Before then it was only made available to a few power celeb users, the overall consensus was that it resembled Facebook’s current layout. Take a look for yourself (old vs. new):

old new twitter layout

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#lightthedark puts Australian asylum seeker policy in the spotlight


“Many thousands of Australians tonight cried out for change,” said GetUp’s national director, Sam Mclean. “The truth is we just don’t know what’s happening in these places, the government’s shut off the lights, taking censorship to an unprecedented level.”

Overnight Australians from all walks of life joined an 8pm vigil to commemorate slain asylum seeker Reza Berati and protest the inhumane treatment of asylum seekers by the Australian Government. Continue Reading

What the..? A glossary of marketing terms you may not have heard


Recently found yourself in a meeting with a bunch of 12-year old hipster types talking in code? Here’s some of the lesser known marketing terms that you may have heard but are not completely sure what they mean.

Abandonment Rate

Also called a drop off rate, this is the measure of people who have not completed a ‘funnel’ or process on a website. This could be because they don’t end up buying an item, don’t go on to register or sign up, or simply aren’t on a page long enough to have actually read the information provided.

A/B testing

Commonly used in web development and other marketing processes, A/B testing involves using two variants of a similar concept to test factors such as hits, interaction, usability, engagement and messaging. You can test everything from the colour of one button, to two completely different versions of landing page. This can help determine which is a more effective and engaging concept. Continue Reading

What food brands can learn from Apple, Food Bloggers, Traditional Publishing and Instagram

Food marketing and blogging

The world of food has drastically changed thanks to the internet and the way it’s opened up conversations between people around the world.  More than ever, people are learning about food on a number of different levels.  This has had a massive impact on the effectiveness of how you  market a brand in the new economy landscape. So what can food brands learn from others?


When Apple moved to broaden from just the Mac into a product range of digital devices they focussed their marketing efforts into a brand personality centred around lifestyle, innovation and the aspirations, hopes and dreams of their audience.  Their products and their uses were positioned around what people wanted in their lives and how they could make their lives more simple.  It was driven on this lifestyle experience, not on what the products actually did. Continue Reading

How to map a digital marketing campaign


Thinking of taking a new campaign into the bright world of digital?  Well things have changed since the good old days. Here are some things you’ll need to consider before, during and after you take the plunge into the brave new world.

Start with a strategy

Start at the very beginning; know what you’re setting out to achieve and how you’re going to achieve it. Outline what your aim is and the objectives of how you will achieve this aim.  Include your three or four key messages, your audience segments and tools you will use to deliver the digital marketing campaign into the marketplace.

State what your desired outcomes will be and how you evaluate the success of your campaign.  With every campaign there will be learnings from what has worked and what could have been improved.  These are particularly important when you are dealing within a new space; either digital on the whole, or a new social platform, positioning approach or product.

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The hard work of making news – just ask two New York Times Journalists


After a five week election campaign which dominated the broadcast and print media, I was not surprised to receive a call from my news release service to ask me if I needed their services. The polite person on the other end of the phone was also asking if I was happy with the service because I hadn’t used it recently.

I laughed.

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