Presenting the 2014 list of outdated website features. If you check any of these off, it’s time to revamp.

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Jay Dillon

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Jay is a digital marketer and producer whose creative and technical skills have developed digital brand strategies and sales campaigns using a range of complex internet applications from stand-alone websites through to Facebook API integrations.
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In mathematical terms, the task of updating a website is a “constant” which means it’s ongoing, all year round, month to month or even on a daily basis. All businesses with an updated online marketing strategy know this very well and act on it. There’s nothing more disappointing than when you come across a site with great content but it’s so outdated that it’s hard to keep browsing through. This is why I’ve compiled a list of the most outdated website features today, so those of you who manage a business/site can read and hopefully not check anything off.

You know if you’ve updated your site recently or if you’ve stayed up to date with the current web design trends. If the answer is no, your website may need an overall refresher. Presenting a list of the most common (and annoying) website features you might still have on your site that you really should change, asap.

  1. Not Visible On Mobiles Or Tablets

Given that 40% (and rising) of total web traffic now comes from mobiles and tablets, if your site isn’t responsive and visible on these devices, that’s a huge chunk of visitors you’re cutting out. Make your site mobile-friendly.

  1. Flash Intros

Most flash intros are of poor quality, do not look great, take ages to load and are just plain annoying for those who visit your site.

This also goes for Animated Gifs, because I’ll never understand why they were invented. They might be a comedic relief but visitors usually think they look awful.

  1. Outdated Text And/Or Fonts

Does your site still display Copyright 2004? or was your last blog post three years ago? Visitors will just think you are no longer trading.

Still have the dummy text your designer added to your site? Example: “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consecteteur adipsing alit.” For the love of Internet please get rid of it.

Using an old font can give your site a very dated feel. If you’re using Times New Roman or Comic Sans, try to explore other options that grab your visual attention, click here for a list of web safe fonts.

*Trend this year: Bold typography.

  1. Cluttered Design & Too Much Text

If your website looks like someone tried to fill every blank space on it then you’re just making it harder for your visitors to find the important stuff. Also, trying to cram as much text as you can into the smallest possible space will make your site look like a school essay. People will lose interest fast and with generation Y’s attention span it’s better if you try to keep your website as user friendly and to the point as possible (giving options to read more if desired).

*Trend this year: One-page websites. One-pagers are usually scrolled to the end so, your content has more chance to be read from cover to cover.

  1. Visitor Counters

If you haven’t heard of Google Analytics yet, it’s time to start using it. You don’t need to show everyone how many visitors you’ve had (or not had).

  1. Under Construction

If you are revamping your site or haven’t had a change to design your site yet, displaying your logo and contact details is far better than an “under construction” sign.

  1. Stock Images

Try not to use images that can be seen on a million other websites. Take the time to personalise your site so that customers can identify/recognise you better.

  1. Sideways Scrolling And Sideways Alignment

Make sure your site fits into a standard 960 pixel screen or if you have the capital, invest in responsive design.

When it comes to sideways alignment, people are used to viewing your site in the centre of their screen, so make sure you centre yours.

  1. Pop-up Boxes (Exit-intent popup is an exception) And Auto Play Media

We all want more email subscribers and FB likes, but don’t ram it down your potential visitor’s throats; they’ll just get annoyed and really exit.

You must also check that you don’t have videos or music that starts to play automatically. This isn’t just stone age, it’s tacky. Let your visitors choose if they want to watch or listen?

10.  Slow Web Pages And Poor Navigation

Nowadays, people except webpages to load within an average of 3 seconds. Remove anything that is slowing your site down too much or people will feel like they are using a dial-up connection service.

Also, to avoid poor navigation, your menu should be easy to find. Decrease that bounce rate and increase conversions with clear menu options.


Those are my top ten features that should be, more or less, in danger of extinction or already gone. If you checked off to having any of the listed features, perhaps it’s time to give your web developer a call (or talk to someone new), as your dated website might be doing your business more harm than good.

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