Why is your Conversion Rate not working for you?

Conversion Rate (CR), now a common term used among modern marketers, is known for being one of the most popular key performance indicators out there. Essentially it tells you how many people have done what you targeted them to do. The more people click onward, the higher the conversion rate, which is always a good indicator of successful marketing. That is why conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is very important to advertisers and marketers. This article, however, is for those who are struggling with their CRs. What happens when it’s low, maybe even on a steady decline? What’s causing it to drop and what can you do about it? Below I’ll point out a few big issues that cause low CR.

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How we improved this clients SEO rankings by 500% with this one simple tip

The message has been loud and clear; ‘Write quality content and you will be rewarded with high-rankings from Google’. This is largely true, however many companies are missing out on this opportunity by neglecting to structure the content on their website in a way that makes it easy for Google to understand how these posts contribute to the companies authority on the topic.

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Revisiting Hashtags; the definitive business guide.

Hashtags have become part of every day social media engagement, but it has been a while since we’ve stepped back to consider the basics of this often underestimated SEO booster. Hashtags are a way for social media users to tag their posts with keywords, which in turn makes them easier for social networks to organise and users to search — this is common knowledge for a digital marketer.

But who first decided to put a pound symbol in front of a word to start tracking trends across social networks?  How can you use them for your business/brand? What social platforms favour the #? And maybe the most important question of all: Are hashtags here to stay?

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The latest (and greatest) Link Building strategy: The Skyscraper Technique

The harsh truth about link building is that there are way too many people in the internet marketing industry that think great content is enough. You can publish great stuff (and you should) but that doesn’t mean people will naturally link to you. Generating high quality links means being very systematic with how you create and promote content. The technique presented in this article is definitely one to give a try; it’s called skyscraper because it shares the same logic, people always prefer the best of the best (highest of the high). For those of you who are looking for a solid strategy that will increase search traffic and get your content out there, I highly suggest you keep reading.

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SEO isn’t Dead. It just needs a re-brand.


seo-deadNo-doubt you have been told, by a person of some authority, that search engine optimisation (SEO) is now dead.

No longer they say, can you manipulate Google into putting your site above another, possibly more worthy site, in the results for a given keyword search.

But is this really true?

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SEO Warning: Don’t take Meta Tags for granted

SS1In a world of growing online business and digital marketing, one thing is still for sure: everyone uses search engines.

It is a given that SEO is not going anywhere anytime soon, so if you want it to work well for your content/business you must embrace it and embrace it well. Especially considering business sales can either rise or fall by thousands based on search engine results. This being said, not only is it vital that we all understand how to write great blog titles, proper URLs, and header tags but just as important is something that many have come to underestimate: meta tag descriptions. This post will focus on one of the most common SEO mistakes businesses have a tendency to make, which is the issue of writing poorly formulated meta descriptions and the importance of improving them.

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Smart Lists Makes Way for Smarter Remarketing with Google Analytics

When it comes to remarketing lists, marketers have come to enjoy hundreds of dimensions to create and manage them. Sometimes, however, endless options can become overwhelming and in this remarketing case, they create time-consuming tasks for the marketer.

Smart lists Google Analytics

Successful remarketing = accurate predictions on which users are most likely to convert upon revisiting your website is key to business growth and higher profits. No one can predict this better than Google, and the latest addition to Google Analytics (GA) proves it.

Introducing: Smart Lists.

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Pay-per-Click advertising with Google [the basics]

Pay-per-click advertising on the Google network offers a range of highly targeted and measurable methods for finding new customers online.

There is a huge variety of ad formats and products for pay-per-click (PPC), some of the common features of this type of advertising is:

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Has Google made SEO impossible for small business?


In the past the SEO playing field was reasonably even. There were plenty of options for small business owners to participate, with SEO packages starting from around $250 per month (less if you hired an overseas SEO firm). However, in the past couple of years Google has progressively updated its algorithm to discount (and even penalise) many of the methods these SEO firms had managed to turn into a systematic process.

What works now takes a lot of hard work by talented, knowledgeable, local people and unfortunately the cheap, small-business packages are simply uneconomical.

So, does this mean small-business is locked out of the search engine ranking party?

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5 tools to help you write copy

One of the things you can’t escape from when creating content is the writing.  A lot of us have trouble with this at the best of times but here are some tools to help you write copy and support you through the process.

 iA writer

The beauty of this is that it works to keep you on the task of writing.  This popular app strips back the interface just to feature the writing, even fading back the words you’ve already gotten down. Say goodbye to procrastination and distraction.

ia writer

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