Why Inbound & Social Selling is a Perfect Match for the C-Suite

The prominent American publication Harvard Business Review brought great news for B2B and digital marketers last week: it turns out CEOs all over the world are using social media networks quite frequently.

Who knew?

According to numbers from a report by global PR firm Weber Shandwick, four out of every five CEOs of the world’s 50 largest companies are using social media.

This represents a significant increase, considering in 2010 only 36% of the same population of CEOs was “social”, defined by either having a public and verifiable social media account, sending messages to an audience from a company website, or appearing in a company video or blog.

The study reported that CEOs were most likely to appear on a company website, but when it comes to social media LinkedIn was by far their network of choice. Since 2010, the number of CEOs using LinkedIn grew by almost four times.

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Advertising with Cinemagraphs, the (revolutionary?) New Ad Format for 2015

The escalating popularity of “cinemagraphs” is sweeping the advertising and marketing industries, and could mean big things for your inbound marketing strategy.

This ad format, becoming more and more popular on social media platforms, is coming soon to a newsfeed near you.

The term cinemagraphs, a mix of photograph and video, was first coined in 2011 by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg of Anne Street Studio. However, it wasn’t until February of this year that a big player in the social media space launched this Ad format.

Many big brands have already implemented this format into their advertising strategy. By the time you scroll through some of the featured examples below, it will become evident that cinemagraphs can be absolutely bewitching and irresistible to the eye (a big plus for all-important visual marketing).

This article will explain what cinemagraphs are and how you can use them in your own online advertising.

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How To Use Instagram for Business (via Your Facebook Page)

As the popularity of photo sharing apps continues to rise, it’s becoming clear that Instagram can also be a winning marketing tool for small businesses.

Remember when Facebook bought Instagram (IG) back in 2012? Well, the integration features and notifications are a plus when it comes to launching a new Instagram account for branding your business and services. As soon as you create a new account and link that to your Facebook, everyone on your Facebook list is notified of this creation and will, if interested, follow you on Instagram too.

It’s a notification boost to gain followers from the start. So knowing how to link from Instagram and change between pages you administer in Facebook is important for any social media marketing strategy. Keep in mind that there are over 150 million users on Instagram and 90% of them are under the age of 35, making Instagram ads a rising trend. Also, more and more businesses and marketers are using Instagram, which now has more users than Twitter.

This article will explain how to best manage and link an Instagram account created for your business to one of the top social media outlets out there – Facebook.
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Taking inspiration from the Queensland Police’s Social Media: Lessons for Inbound Marketers

While many people were anxiously awaiting the premiere of the new season of HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones on Sunday April 12, there was one organisation that most people might not have expected to see getting in on the excitement:The Queensland Police Service.

In a laid-back Facebook update that included a reference to specific characters in the show, the QPS advised residents not to speed home just to catch the first episode in the new season.

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Which is the best URL shortener?

We often overlook the unsung hero of our social media posts: the URL. So much effort is put into creating great content that this little string of characters gets knocked to the bottom of the list even though it can be crucial to our social media marketing and SEO. This post will cover what URL shorteners are, which ones are used the most today, and why they should be used in the first place. Continue Reading

Twitter’s Growth Strategy and Why You Need to Pay Attention

It wasn’t that long ago that the term “tweet” was known primarily as the chirping sound that you might hear from a bird.

These days though a tweet refers to a 140-character or less message transmitted over the well-known social media network Twitter. By user size, Twitter is the third-most popular social network, with over a quarter of a billion active monthly users and over a billion users altogether.

Australia already has nearly 3 million Twitter users, but the network has shown tremendous growth: between 2013 and 2014, the number of Australian Twitter users increased by 15%.

Because of some strategic business decisions by the San Francisco-based American social media company, there’s a good chance that Twitter will gain an even larger share of the international market soon.

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The State of Social Media Marketing 2015

It’s been several years now since social media became one of the most important marketing techniques in today’s new age of business.

Most companies already know that if they want to improve their online visibility and reach more prospects, creating a strong social media presence is a must.

But if you’re wondering exactly which social media avenues to pursue or what you can do to make your content on these networks more engaging, there are a few things to consider.

Let’s examine some of the freshest data available to find out what the latest social media trends are, where they may go from here, and how you can stay ahead of the curve with your Social Media Marketing 2015.

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Revisiting Hashtags; the definitive business guide.

Hashtags have become part of every day social media engagement, but it has been a while since we’ve stepped back to consider the basics of this often underestimated SEO booster. Hashtags are a way for social media users to tag their posts with keywords, which in turn makes them easier for social networks to organise and users to search — this is common knowledge for a digital marketer.

But who first decided to put a pound symbol in front of a word to start tracking trends across social networks?  How can you use them for your business/brand? What social platforms favour the #? And maybe the most important question of all: Are hashtags here to stay?

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The 5 “Personality Types” of Social Media Users (and How to Market to Them)

Calling social media networks “popular” today would be an understatement.

Staggeringly, more than one out of four people in the world has a profile on a social network.

Because of the tremendous reach of these social platforms, there are many different kinds of people using them. From an inbound marketing standpoint, businesses can gain a better understanding of their prospective customers if they take the time to learn about each type of social media user.

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Does Your Social Media Marketing Need to Show a Return on Investment?

Social-Media-ROIWhen I worked in bigger ad agencies I always wondered why no-one discussed return-on-investment for big budget activities like billboards and TVC.

Strangely in the world of digital marketing it is the first thing a potential clients wants to know. Although it’s the top topic of discussion for new clients, rarely do I come across a company that had been successfully measuring a return on their social media marketing activities.

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