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Marketing is a finicky beast.

We’re reaching our customers on different media, on different platforms and on different devices. A contact here, a contact there. Focusing on core metrics, conversion rates, and a defined message – and all this while also trying to run our company.

You’ve looked into solutions from Marketing Automation through to Content Marketing. And you’re wondering if it’s worth the cost, and the time.

It can seem like a face-in-your-palms mess, but thankfully there is some respite.

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Inbound Marketing Ideas

5 Ways to Generate Ideas for Your Inbound Marketing

Once you’ve found your niche in inbound marketing, the next step in surviving the jungle is to produce original content on a regular basis.

But sometimes the ability to produce content is hindered by the simplest of problems – not knowing what to write about.

This is a pain point for many content marketers.

When you can generate ideas fast it takes a lot of the hassle and headaches out of the task of producing for your inbound marketing campaigns.

Here are five idea generating machines that you can use to improve your game.

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marketing automation

The Rise and Rise of Marketing Automation

So you’ve got your marketing strategy up and running—or is it walking?

You’re doing a few email campaigns here and there, maybe a social media post or two…

It’s going okay, and by all means if you’re chasing just “okay” then kudos to you. You’ve achieved your goal. But if you’re ready to take the next step and really build some momentum, then it could be time to look at marketing automation for your business.

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Apple Patent Digital Marketing

How Apple’s New Patent Could Improve Your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an essential part of business – and we should always be looking for ways to improve our strategies. The competition in the digital world to uncover the next great thing is hotting up – and Apple has made a bold statement with their latest targeted advertising patent.

We’ve all had that creepy moment online – when an ad pops up and you realise that you’re the target, based on your searches or clicks. When consumers access information online, brands refine their offers and marketing strategies, and target them to prospective customers. Apple’s new patent takes this a step further. Continue Reading

Google+ Community Pages

Using Google+ Communities to Promote Your Content

Google+ business pages help make your site more SEO friendly in the eyes of Google. But taking it a step further and creating a Google+ community page (or pages) will also help you promote your content and become the authority in your niche.

Google+ still feels like relatively new marketing terrain, so it’s a good time to get ahead of the game, establish a strong foothold and boost your business with Google+ communities.

This article will explain why Google+ communities are so convenient for SEO in 2015 and how to get started with your own community page.

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Why You Must Build an Audience Before Selling

Some old school business gurus will recoil in horror upon reading the title of this post…

“Marketing before sales?” they might ask. “You’re living in a crazy world!”

Indeed we are – and that crazy world is called inbound marketing.

But luckily for you, this is a world that everyone should be living in if they want to maximise their web presence and reach the largest number of people.

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4 Weird But Effective Tactics for Promoting Your Content

You’ve spent hours poring over buyer persona research, examining the trends in your industry, and carefully optimising your content around the right search keywords.

With a feeling of triumph, you click the “post” button, lean back in your chair and wait for the views and shares to roll in. But hours, days, even weeks later, engagement with your content is underwhelming…

Does this situation sound familiar?

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3 Ways to Use Storytelling in Your Marketing

Everyone is instinctively familiar with stories.

From the fairy tales we learned as children to the stories that we exchange with our friends and family every day, storytelling is an inherent part of the human condition.

So why are Australian marketers having so much trouble with it?

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Why Every Business Now Needs to be a Media Brand

What does your brand have in common with The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian?

If you’re doing inbound marketing the right way, quite a lot.

“But wait,” you object, “I don’t publish the news! I sell widgets/services/[fill-in-the-blank]! That’s totally different!”

What’s becoming apparent to many though is that in today’s world of marketing, every company should be a media company.

To understand why, let’s take a look at the current situation in the media industry and how it differs from years past.

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5 Tips for Content Marketing Post Mobilegeddon

How will Google’s recent mobile update affect content creation?

We know that webmasters need to have their sites mobile compatible by now, but an SEO marketer can’t help but wonder about possible effects on content.

This article will look at how to adapt your content to mobile for successful inbound marketing.

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