4 Inbound Marketing Lessons Learned from 2014

With only a handful of weeks left in the 2014 calendar year, now is the time for inbound marketers to reflect on what they can learn from what happened in their field this year.

Reflection of this type is important, because it helps marketers fully understand how marketing changed in 2014 and how these changes should impact their marketing plans going forward.

2014 was highlighted by several interesting trends that influenced the theory and practice of inbound marketing. By taking some time to examine and understand the top trends in inbound marketing that played out in 2014, marketers can do a better job at preparing for the future of this quickly changing field.

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Using Social Media to promote your event – without the hardshell

Social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, FourSquare etc) has a lot in common with events. Both are about connecting a community of people with common interests. One in the real world and one in the virtual world.

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