What the..? A glossary of marketing terms you may not have heard


Recently found yourself in a meeting with a bunch of 12-year old hipster types talking in code? Here’s some of the lesser known marketing terms that you may have heard but are not completely sure what they mean.

Abandonment Rate

Also called a drop off rate, this is the measure of people who have not completed a ‘funnel’ or process on a website. This could be because they don’t end up buying an item, don’t go on to register or sign up, or simply aren’t on a page long enough to have actually read the information provided.

A/B testing

Commonly used in web development and other marketing processes, A/B testing involves using two variants of a similar concept to test factors such as hits, interaction, usability, engagement and messaging. You can test everything from the colour of one button, to two completely different versions of landing page. This can help determine which is a more effective and engaging concept. Continue Reading