How to Use Facebook to Launch Your New Business Idea

Once you find your niche in the business world, it’s all about taking steps to successfully get a strong foothold in the digital marketplace.

This article will provide some basic steps to improve your website while also launching a Facebook page to get some initial traffic to your site.

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5 Tips for Content Marketing Post Mobilegeddon

How will Google’s recent mobile update affect content creation?

We know that webmasters need to have their sites mobile compatible by now, but an SEO marketer can’t help but wonder about possible effects on content.

This article will look at how to adapt your content to mobile for successful inbound marketing.

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Mobilegeddon: What We Know so Far

It wasn’t a comet, worldwide plague or flood of epic proportions.

But listening to the marketing media world tell it, Google’s mobile search algorithm update on April 21 was right up there with these violent natural disasters.

The update even received its own sensationalised name in the blogosphere: “Mobilegeddon.” BBC reported that Mobilegeddon would be the biggest Google algorithm change in years. Business Insider quite dramatically reported that Mobilegeddon could “crush millions of small businesses.”

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Mobile Friendly Website Google

Your Website Must Be Mobile Friendly – Google Has Given You A Deadline.

Who in the digital marketing world doesn’t want to rank higher on Google search results? In order to do that you must stay on top of the latest SEO news and rules. So far in 2015 it has become clear that mobile-optimisation is on its way to becoming a must. So much so that Google already announced its plans to expand the use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal and to penalise search rankings of sites that are not mobile-ised. This article will cover the specifics of Google’s requirements as well as how to make sure your website is mobile-optimised.

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4 Inbound Marketing Lessons Learned from 2014

With only a handful of weeks left in the 2014 calendar year, now is the time for inbound marketers to reflect on what they can learn from what happened in their field this year.

Reflection of this type is important, because it helps marketers fully understand how marketing changed in 2014 and how these changes should impact their marketing plans going forward.

2014 was highlighted by several interesting trends that influenced the theory and practice of inbound marketing. By taking some time to examine and understand the top trends in inbound marketing that played out in 2014, marketers can do a better job at preparing for the future of this quickly changing field.

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