marketing automation

The Rise and Rise of Marketing Automation

So you’ve got your marketing strategy up and running—or is it walking?

You’re doing a few email campaigns here and there, maybe a social media post or two…

It’s going okay, and by all means if you’re chasing just “okay” then kudos to you. You’ve achieved your goal. But if you’re ready to take the next step and really build some momentum, then it could be time to look at marketing automation for your business.

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Apple Patent Digital Marketing

How Apple’s New Patent Could Improve Your Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is an essential part of business – and we should always be looking for ways to improve our strategies. The competition in the digital world to uncover the next great thing is hotting up – and Apple has made a bold statement with their latest targeted advertising patent.

We’ve all had that creepy moment online – when an ad pops up and you realise that you’re the target, based on your searches or clicks. When consumers access information online, brands refine their offers and marketing strategies, and target them to prospective customers. Apple’s new patent takes this a step further. Continue Reading

5 Essential Tools for Finding Lucrative Niches Online

This article will help answer the question: What is the most effective way to find a lucrative niche in 2015’s crowded marketplace?

Read on for the steps, tips and free resources available.

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Rethinking the PR Department

PR dept

Huge shifts have been witnessed in how PR professionals reach their audiences these days. The impact of 24 hour news cycles, social media, the emphasis on non-government or not-for-profit organisations being the drivers of engagement in communities, and the entitled attitude towards free information has meant a new approach in how companies engage, inform and lobby.

Within this apparent utopia of access to markets, companies can and should be sitting more closely with their consumers. The smart ones have enhanced their relationship so they can listen, share, relate, innovate and protect their reputation. Nice job, I say. For others, no amount of trying can see them cut the mustard; hampered by trolls and tricksters on twitter, media relations that stall at the editor’s desk, petitioned backlashes and mass media advertising that is too smart for its own good.

Believe or not there are Boards out there who still believe that marketing and communications should be first to feel the strike in the budget bottom line and in some instances this is justified. But in a world where word-of-mouth marketing holds huge collateral, the slash and burn approach can create an even worse situation.

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