Social Media Press Releases

Creating Social Media Press Releases That Fit With Your SEO Strategy

The line between public relations and social media exposure can sometimes become blurred in today’s inbound marketing world.

Since the Panda and Penguin updates of 2011 and 2012 respectively, Google has sought to provide better quality content and web connections, placing preference on sites affiliated with reputable names or quality publications.

Press releases provided the perfect opportunity to profit from that. Since then, press releases have evolved and nowadays don’t really carry the authority or reliability they used to, mainly due to so many businesses using them solely for self-promotion and backlinks. This has made it much harder to get relevant news/announcements approved and published on major news outlets. Press release syndication platforms such as PRWeb are also costly and don’t work for restricted budgets. Continue Reading

5 Essential Tools for Finding Lucrative Niches Online

This article will help answer the question: What is the most effective way to find a lucrative niche in 2015’s crowded marketplace?

Read on for the steps, tips and free resources available.

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Growth Hacking for Inbound Marketers

Have you heard about the new type of hacker running rampant in the business world?

This particular type of hacker is not out to get credit card info or bank account numbers, but they are out to make money.

These hackers aren’t trying to listen in on people’s phone conversations or log their keystrokes, but they are trying to win their favour and their business.

This type of hacker is known as a growth hacker. Growth hackers are those who use their creativity, technical skills, and curiosity to achieve one goal: company growth.

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Make your Facebook cover photo work harder

How well are you leveraging that beautiful piece of advertising/branding/positioning real estate you have on your Facebook Page?

Here’s some tips on how to make your Facebook cover photo work harder for you.

Be creative – use the visual to explain your product offering


Think outside the square – Don’t be contained by the usual. Think about the overall presentation  across the thumbnail and cover photo



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