How to Use Facebook to Launch Your New Business Idea

Once you find your niche in the business world, it’s all about taking steps to successfully get a strong foothold in the digital marketplace.

This article will provide some basic steps to improve your website while also launching a Facebook page to get some initial traffic to your site.

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Social – don’t be last to the party


In the world of a 24-hour news cycle and consumer driven media, the key to getting your message across convincingly and effectively is your ability to be responsive. Your ability to deliver information as people want it allows you to be heard in a way that traditional media has never allowed. Responsiveness = being heard amid the din.

The vast array of social media platforms, but primarily the big three – Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – provide a method for tapping into captured audiences and segments previously unavailable. You’d think every marketing and communications team would be right onto it.

But if I had a dollar for every time a government or bureaucratic organisation had told me ‘no’ regarding moving into the realm of social media I’d be a very rich woman. Often it’s because people higher up put the supposed risks before the benefits. And, sadly, the biggest millstone is usually the sign off or clearance protocol. Read as ‘too many Chiefs and not enough Indians.’

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