Twitter goes beyond 140 characters

What to expect when Twitter goes beyond 140 characters

There’s no doubt that the 140 character limit for Twitter posts has been its long established trademark ever since it first launched in 2007. However, when it comes to social media platforms, Facebook has been known to (every once in a while) apply a major adjustment or update to its platform – and it usually works and keeps its many users and social media marketers on their feet.

Now, it seems like Twitter might be turning to this same strategy and finally looking beyond 140. According to a recently published article by Re/code, this long-standing character limit might be expanding.

So what will this mean for digital marketers? And what is the reason behind Twitter’s need for change? If this change does happen, you’ll want to be prepared for it, and be ready to integrate this update into your social media marketing.

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Social media policy – one size does not fit all

social media policy

You’re geared up and ready to launch that fantastic and creative social media campaign. But wait, are you covered internally, with your staff fully aware and on board, to manage the culture around your social media? As with all parts of your business it is essential to have employee boundaries clearly defined to avoid issues in the future.

And while Google search is great for finding a lot of things, there is no easy way to get a social media policy unless you scope it and shape it for the individual needs of your organisation and its unique circumstances.

Once your social media business case has been approved the next step is to bring together your working group. If you’re a big company, look at your key line leaders to be representatives, particularly in the field of governance, human resources and communications.  If you’re smaller, bring together your key personnel who understand the machinations of the business, including knowledge of your products, your market and the responsibility of your workforce.

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Building the business case for social media

inbound marketing

Believe it or not.  There are still a lot of companies out there not using any type of social media.  And I figure because you’re still reading this article you may find yourself exactly in that position.

One of the ways to take social media to those who make the decisions (sometimes it’s the accountants or worse, the engineers) is to build the business case for social media and put it forward like any other budget line item you’re trying to get introduced.

Explain the changed communications landscape in which your organisation operates

Here you are looking to show management that there is a big new communications world out there that your company is currently missing out on. Within this section you should compare yourself to others in your industry who are making inroads using social media for customer engagement. You should also provide a range of statistics about use within your region or across the sector to show where your audience can be found.  It may also be useful to provide a cost comparison of your traditional channels and compare that to channels and evaluation you can undertake using digital.  Think outside the square here and think about the things your company is ‘missing out on’.
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