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The Big Problem with HTTPS, and How to Fix it Fast

The continued work to improve the security and privacy on the web is ever-evolving.

HTTPS is now seen as the most secure protocol and as a result there has been a large migration towards HTTPS, as well as a related strong steady rise in SERPs for sites using HTTPS.

But there’s been a big problem for HTTPS site administrators when trying to refer traffic from an HTTPS site to an HTTP site. Continue Reading

4 Biggest Website Mistakes that are Driving Your Visitors Away

Inbound marketing, by its very nature, involves bringing as many people as possible to your company web site.

It’s relatively surprising, then, how many marketers and business owners make common mistakes that drive people away from their web site.

Unfortunately, some marketers don’t even realise that they’re making these errors. Here are four of the top mistakes that will cause people to leave your web site.

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Listening to Social Media

We were searching for a tool to monitor multiple streams of social media and online conversations around a particular brand for a client and several options were available to us. Brand-monitoring and listening platforms are software tools that capture and report on consumer generated media from blog articles, blog comments, twitter, facebook, forums, online communities, delicious, digg, myspace, linked-in and the list goes on. You setup your keywords and search for activity.

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