Given Apple’s recent iPhone 6 release, I’ve rounded up my Top 5 Smartphones for Business & Inbound Marketing

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Jay Dillon

Director of Strategy and Creative at Inbound Experts
Jay is a digital marketer and producer whose creative and technical skills have developed digital brand strategies and sales campaigns using a range of complex internet applications from stand-alone websites through to Facebook API integrations.
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There was a time when there was only one company on the lips of any business IT team when it came to cellphones: BlackBerry. Years have passed and a lot has changed since Blackberry’s boom and doom, which left a door wide open for competitors to jump into the business enterprise (Apple, Samsung, Nokia, LG and HTC). We’ve gone from blackberries to a range of phablets (phone+tablet).

As a customer and business buyer, it’s nice to have a wide choice of handsets, which allows me to select the best phone for my company’s requirements (this may differ depending on your industry). Therefore, in no particular order, here are 5 top smartphones for business use:


Even though LG already launched its successor to this phone (LG G3), the G2 still earns a spot on this list as the longest-lasting battery life business phone out there. In tests that involve continuous web surfing, the device lasts 9 to 11 hours. Long battery life is essential for business users because, you can’t keep working if your mobile device runs out. Other highlights include a roomy 5.2 inch display and handy software features for business users.

LG is one of the few smartphone makers packing in true multitasking functionality. The G2 “QSlide” function lets you open multiple apps on the home screen in separate windows. That’s a plus for any business user who needs to juggle tasks such as responding to e-mail while conducting research in a web browser. With QSlide, users can resize the app windows, drag them around on the screen and tweak their transparency. Another plus to the LG G2 is its high-end hardware. What good are multitasking features if your smartphone isn’t speedy enough to handle them right? The G2’s quad-core processor provides the necessary speed to launch apps and surf the web in a hurry.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 11.07.32 AM

HTC One M8

This phablet is one of the fastest and most impressive business phones. It is quite the upgrade from last year’s HTC One, with bigger display and better performance to benefit business users, including longer battery life, handy software features and an easier way to unlock your phone so you can act on notifications and get back to work. To round it up, the M8 includes:

  • 1920 x 1080-pixel, 5-inch display, big screens are more comfortable for basic tasks such as editing documents and e-mail. Although not as big as Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, the M8 ends up being more portable and fits more comfortably into your pocket/bag.
  • Motion Launch – This feature offers an easier, quicker way to lock and unlock your phone. While most smartphones require a combination of button press, on-screen swiping or password entry, HTC’s new Motion Launch feature lets you activate the display simply by tapping it twice. It’s a small but time-saving feature for business users who constantly lock and unlock their phones to act on incoming notifications.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 11.44.52 AM

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

This might still be the best business phablet out there. In addition to a sharp, 5.7 inch display and a powerful processor, it’s the only phablet that comes with a built-in stylus. Just pull out the stylus from its slot – or hover the tip near the display and press the single button located on its side – to access the compact Action Menu, which allows you to jump to one of the five useful pen input application for quick sketching and note-taking (merging the line between smartphone and tablet). So, if your business is creatively minded then you may find the accuracy of the S-Pen and the ability to draw a real advantage.

The Note 3 also allows you to annotate documents, emails and anything else on screen using the stylus, letting you provide instant feedback to colleagues. This phablet also favours multitasking and takes advantage of its screen size by allowing you to run two apps side by side on the screen, so you can be looking at the latest financials while tapping out a quick email to the shareholders. However, the size of the handset isn’t the most pocket friendly of devices.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 11.53.46 AM

Nokia Lumia Icon 

The Lumia may be the best Windows Phone yet. It packs in quite a speedy performance and tons of features into a handset that’s just the right size for business users. It has a 5-inch display which as we know allows for easier multitasking, and makes basic business tasks such as checking and responding to email more comfortable.

Even though the Windows Phone operating systems is less popular than iOS or Android, it has advantages for business users, such as the native integration with the desktop version of Microsoft Office.

The Icon also has a superfast processor, so business users can expect fast performance and quick multitasking to help them stay productive on the go.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 12.15.07 PM

Apple’s iPhone 5S

Despite the recent launch of Apple’s iPhone 6, it’s too early to review it. So the iPhone 5S still stands out as one of the all-round best business phones. When it launched last year, it was the first smartphone to include a fingerprint sensor for extra security (you just place your finger over the home button to unlock the device). It also features a super sharp display, as well as a 64-bit processor that easily rivals those of the best Android phones. But what makes the iPhone a unique business phone? The answer would be the iOS operating system, which has the most mature ecosystem of business and productivity apps available anywhere. Add the design quality and visual appeal, and you’ve got yourself a popular business phone.

Other perks include a revamped version of Apple’s iWork mobile office suite, which is fully integrated with the desktop iWork programmes. When it comes to apps, the iPhone family is best placed when it comes to business focused software, with limitless applications available on the App store aimed at making work easier (not to mention Apple’s own business software, now available for free). Oh and let’s not forget Siri, your own personal digital assistant who tries to answer your enquiries and provide you with business reminders.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 12.00.27 PM

It’s better to pick out what best suits your line of business, if you work more with Microsoft or iOS, prefer speed over camera quality, want the biggest screen, the longest battery life or simply the best selection of productivity apps, there’s a solid smartphone out there for you. Bottom line, your smartphone is an indispensable business tool. It lets you stay in contact with employees, colleagues and collaborators, it helps you market your business and get content out there. It becomes your schedule planner and enables you to stay productive and notified all day, even when you’re away from the office. That is why it is important to pick a good phone. We hope this list helped in your selection.

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