website review auditWhen was the last time anyone took a deep look at your website and how it is performing?

Over time every website will start to deteriorate in some capacity. Maybe your site has a lot of 404 errors you are not aware of. Maybe over time your trust score has dropped down below that of your competitors. Maybe the site is longer optimised for converting traffic into enquiries and/or sales.

These types of errors can have a huge impact on the ability for your site to rank highly with the major search engines (i.e Google) and often results in a poor experience for website visitors resulting in low conversions (i.e lost sales/enquiries).

The Inboundly Website Audit involves our tech team manually checking through 30-40 key elements of your website and providing a comprehensive report on the current state of your website and opportunities for making improvements.

Running between 17-18 pages, this review will highlight the most urgent issues and provide a roadmap to improving your site’s business objectives.

Key elements that form the review include:

Visitors: Analysis of current traffic to your site including behaviour and source.

SEO: A review of key on-site elements that directly affect your site’s performance in organic search rankings such as meta-tags, HTML header tags, keyword density and consistency, on-site linking structure, XML sitemap and more.

Mobile: An analysis of how well your site performs on mobile screen sizes including speed, compatibility, touch screen readiness and more.

Usability: An assessment on the ability for your site visitors to easily access and navigate around your site and achieve the goal of their visit.

Backlinks: A review of the volume and quality of backlinks to your site including an assessment of their ability to act as a signal of authority and trust with the major search engines.

Social media: A review of the relationship between social media channels like Facebook, Linkedin etc and your website.

This website review includes a comparison of 3 of your closest comparison and will be provided as a PDF ready for printing.

A walk-through with one of our technical team leaders either in-person or via phone/skype is also available at additional cost.