Why Content Marketing Works for "Boring" Businesses

Why Content Marketing Works for “Boring” Businesses

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Jay Dillon

Director of Strategy and Creative at Inbound Experts
Jay is a digital marketer and producer whose creative and technical skills have developed digital brand strategies and sales campaigns using a range of complex internet applications from stand-alone websites through to Facebook API integrations.
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Do you run a new-age, uber-cool, Instagram-worthy SaaS business? If so, you probably find content marketing a breeze.

Or do you run an accounting firm, lawn-mowing business, or a cleaning service?

“Content marketing? Oh yeah, it’s not applicable to my business…”

If this sounds familiar, we need to sit down for a little chat.

It may surprise you to learn the number of businesses in the “not so fun” category pulling off content marketing. You’ll even find some doing it with flair.

What every marketer should know is there is always chatter in an industry. Both on and offline the conversation is flowing, and you’re either listening or not.

It’s just a matter of looking at your business a little differently. Looking at it, like the gun marketer you know you can be.

The first step is a mental shift

It’s simple. There’s no such thing as a boring business. If people are buying from you, they’re showing interest in some facet of what you do.

Next, is to adopt the mentality of an inbound marketer. If you’re reading this blog, then you understand how effective content marketing can be.

Traffic, cold, warm and hot leads, and exposure are all at your beck and call. Thinking outside your self-imposed box is the starting point.

Try not to talk about the product

Time and time again we implore you to discuss benefits instead of features.

What that means is less:

“The system boasts 8gb of RAM and a 1Tb SSD hard drive. Rated at a whopping 3.6 GHZ, the processor is the best on the market…”

And more:

“With 8Gb of RAM your new PC will handle Photoshop, browsing the web and streaming Spotify, at the same time with ease. Its Solid State Hard drive means your files are available in an instant. Unlike traditional hard drives, information on SSDs doesn’t need to load from a spinning disk. You can expect performance like that which your smartphone delivers.”

Ok, a computer store is an easy example but you can deploy this tactic in almost every industry.

The rule? Focus on what problems you’re solving for the customer and generate content like mad.

If you give away some freebies in the process, exposure will follow.

Chip on your shoulder topics

You can think of shoulder topics as, anything related to your business.

Think, masseuse writing about different massage oils and the way they affect women’s skin. Or weather reports for a deep sea fishing charter.

Something that relates to your company even remotely will work.

A great example was posted by Brian Dean from backlinko.com. It tells of a client who owned a run of the mill company: pest control.

Brian took on the job of improving search engine rankings for his client.

He came up with an infographic on organic pest control in your garden that people shared, republished and talked about on an almost viral level (viral for a pest control company I’ll assure you).

The infographic cast a wide net. It targeted gardeners, home improvers, landscapers, green thumb hobbyists and a whole other host of people who would usually be out of reach.

The guy ran a pest control company and grew his website traffic by 15% in two weeks.

Visual content is your friend

If your business revolves around any form of stats, you can turn them into infographics.

Think weather patterns, sales forecasts, anything you can collate to show a trend people love. If you’re struggling with a topic or need a little more data to present something sound, head to Statista to bolster your piece.

Another fantastic way for not-so-fun industries to engage audiences is through video.

Tutorials, walkthroughs and demonstrations all yield results.

Here is a video tutorial teaching people about Sub Arc Welding. To all those in the welding industry, this video has had over 2.5 million views. (Hint-hint, nudge-nudge).

The welding example works in many ways. As a male, I am interested in seeing the inner workings of industries I know nothing of. I want to see a mechanic’s multi-thousand-dollar toolkit. I want to see how to pull apart my vacuum cleaner and fix it, just in case I ever need to.

Don’t get me started on female-specific services. Some make-up artists are now internet celebrities just for teaching ladies make-up techniques.

No matter what business you’re in, it can work for you

The aim is to generate ideas around your businesses that people will find interesting. I don’t need to get excited about the welding video mentioned above, but if I’m interested, I’ll probably hang around.

If you’re providing honest, reliable information that is easy to digest and readily available, you’ll likely have me as an interested onlooker.

From there, winning me to your cause might only be an email sequence sending me to a landing page away.

And you’ve got me. A new customer dragged in through the power of content marketing.

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